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tv   Fox Morning News at 6  FOX  September 17, 2010 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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word that there has been a shooting near the capitol. we know the man would terrorized johns hopkins hospital is from our a. what prompted the violence? fox 5 morning news continues now at 6:00. good morning on this friday, september 17 as we tax a live look over washington, d.c. this morning. we'll have weather coming up in just a moment. thank you for watching fox 5
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morning news. i'm sarah simmons in for gurvir. >> i'm steve chenevey. let's bring in tony perkins as we get set for the weekend. >> the weekend will be spectacular as far as our weather goes. this morning, we have some clouds. still wet out there from the rain we had yesterday and last night. the rain has cleared out of the region. we'll start with reagan national airport where it is currently 71 degrees. 71 at reagan national. humidity, 70%. the breeze is out of the northwest at eight miles per hour. here is a look at the satellite- radar. you will see the run showers and there they go. that is all pushed offshore. so we're precipitation-free an we should be for the remainder of the day. in fact, for the next several days the way things are looking right now. we do have some clouds out there but we all have clearing skies out to the west. there is more cloud cover west of of the mountains. we'll have v. to -- have to see if that makes it into our area. cooler this afternoon than it
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was yesterday. look for a high of 84 degrees. that is actually five degrees above normal. reagan made it up to 91 degrees yesterday. >> pretty warm. it will help i guess burn off the road spray that is still out there as we check in with julie wright. how is it looking? >> busy. before a lot going on. you guys are talking about a possible police shooting downtown and that will tie up a portion of c street between washington and third street and all of that activity in southwest washington at this point. going to find lanes are open if you are traveling across the anacostia bridges. no problems to report there. top stretch. beltway, all lane are open as you work your way from ledge park headed past university boulevard and around towards the exit for connecticut avenue. southbound 95 in good shape coming southbound out of laurel. northbound, also the ramp to go northbound on i-95 is where we had the crash. traveling unbound new york avenue, no problems to report leaving northeast to northwest. outbound, that is where we had
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at crash at penn street tying up the two right lanes. julie talked about it. let's get to the breaking news from capitol hill where there has apparently been a shooting possibly involving u.s. capitol police. >> this happened at second and c streets southwest. it was just about an hour ago and that is near the demeanor of health and human services building. -- the department of health and human services building. sherry ly joins us with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. we are actually right here near the capitol, the ray bun building as well which houses some of the house members and then over there is the hght and human services building that you mentioned. town there on c street is where the shooting happened. here what is we know right now. the shooting apparently involving u.s. capitol police just before 5:00 this morning. there are reports that the suspect was shot in the and. he was down but conscious. this was a 200 block of c
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street in southwest. again, happening just before 5:00 this morning. there were a number of evidence markers on the scene. typically, those would be evidence of shell casing suggesting perhaps that multiple shots were fired again based on the information or what we've seen out here. it appears there may have been several shots fired. we are still waiting somebody from capitol police to come out here and provide us with more information about what has happened. just to also show you over here, there is a wooded area right here just outside the rayburn building. there were officers would were out here searching through the wooded area with flashlights. you would assume that they are looking for any particular evidence in this case. they to have the roads around here blocked off. you are not allowed to cross washington here onto that side of the street. traffic is still moving through right here right now. they do have from second street all the way over to third street closed off as they continue this investigation.
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obviously, there is still a lot of work to be done here this morning and as we get some more details, we'll bring them to you. that is the latest here live some southwest. back to you. >> thank you. we'll see sherry again in a little bit. our big story this morning, as we continue to learn more about why a northern virginia man may have staged a violent incident at johns hopkin hospital in baltimore. it turns out the gunman was likely distraught over his mother's condition gentleman the incident began at the hospital around 11:00 yesterday morning. the gunman and his mother are said to be from arlington. police say paul warren pardus pulled a gun and shot his mother's doctor while the surgeon updated him on his mother's condition. pardus barricaded himself in his mother's eighth floor hospital room killing his mother and then himself. for more than two hours, no one knew what was happening inside. >> my boss came running in and he told me exactly what happened, that there was a guy running around with a gun and
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to stay put. it was scary just knowing that machine -- someone is on the outside on a rampage with a gun in a hospital where we're supposed to be protected. >> reporter: police had originally identified par stay with us -- pardus as warren davis but he says he changed his name. four metro access drivers accused of sexual assaults against disabled customers ands that has a contractor under the microscope this morning. >> the company hires drivers to work for metro access, an under agency is going to lead the probe into how they hire and train drivers. new information this morning on the deadly accident between an suv and an plans some prince george's county. police say there were no obvious signs of alcohol or
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drug use on the scene. the ambulance was responding for a call when it was hit by the suv just after midnight yesterday. three men in the suv died in that crash. a first lady's view perhaps. what a new book about france's first lady claims michelle obama says is just not true. the pope's historic visit to the uk scarred by controversy. the strongest remarks yet on the scandal that has the church reeling. we will be right back. 
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the pope's first state visit to britain in a long time. pope benedict xvi now in london after spending thursday in scotland including celebrating an outdoor mass in glasgow. today, the holy father meting with the head of the church of england. is the pontiff's trip being overshadowed by the priest abuse scandal and the vatican's policy on contraception and homosexuality.
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>> those views are not shared by moat british people, not shared by most british catholics. >> much of the british public is upset about the cost of the pope's visit, nearly $20 million. the white house is takenning a quota tribuned to michelle obama in a new book out. it is about the french first lady and mrs. obama as skying life in the house as don't ask, it's hell. i can't stand it. >> but the french president's wife is distancing herself from the book. it is not an authorizes biography. she gained worldwide sympathy after her face was badly burned in a so-called attack. there is a startling admission from this woman weeks after she went to the police. the story after the break.
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casey affleck is admitting his documentary about joaquin phoenix is a hoax. so what was the point and is it worth going to see? e
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we continue to follow breaking news from capitol hill this morning. these are live pictures right now. a shooting that has happened near the health and human services building. this is in the area right around second and c streets southwest not far from the rayburn house office building. we do know one person was taken to the hospital as the result of the shooting which may have involved u.s. capitol police. still trying to get the details together. our sherry ly has been reporting live from the scene. we'll hear from her in just a couple of minutes. she is busy now trying to get some more information and details. >> absolutely. let's check in now with tony perkins with the latest on our weather as we feel like it is the last bits of summer just holing on. >> it will feel like it today. our temperature will be the mid- 80s i think for much of the
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area today. lower 80s in parts of the region. it won't be a bad one and then the weekend will be great. here also look at the sat loot radar. rain, we had some rain yesterday. it got in town a little earlier than i thought it would, have i to admit. it has pushed out of here off the coast. we are left way few clouds. officially at reagan national airport, that is what they're reporting, a few clouds. a mixed bag touring the morning hours but as the day progresses, more and more sunshine across the area. current temperatures around the region, here in the district we are at 71 degrees. we remain at 71 for this hour. annapolis at # 8. baltimore, 66, gaithersburg, 63. that is in maryland. in virginia, quantico, 67. cull pep are, 63678 dulles airport at 66 degrees at this hour. our winds, they are coming to us primarily out of the west, west-northwest right now behind that front that has come
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through. they are blowing at nine miles per hour, not particularly strong. those winds are helping to bring in cooler, quote, unquote air. yesterday, we got up into the low 90s, believe it or not. there is your front. that is pushing off to the east literally as we speak. taking the clouds with it as it goes. and again, behind it, fine conditions, your saturday will be warm and sunny. high pressure in charge. that will be a great day and frankly, that will be the case on sunday as well. so the forecast for washington for today, becoming mostly sunny. cooler this afternoon than it was yesterday. but still, 84 degrees. s that five degrees above normal. your five-day forecast, saturday an sunday, check it out. sunshine, both days. highs in the low 80s. conditions on sunday for the redskins game, fantastic about. 80degrees at kickoff time in the afternoon, 4:15. sunny skies monday and tuesday. it will still be nice. that is a look at what is
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happening with the weather. now, let's got an update on this morning's rush hour traffic. >> a few moments ago, there was a crash on the inner loop of the beltway to go northbound i- 95 college park. right through lane on the beltway still blocked. we say good morning to the crew in sky fox. as you travel westbound 495 aprovenning georgia avenue, you will find that all of the lane are open. the pace not sod about as you continue west of 97 and continue over towards connecticut avenue. early morning crash there cleared and all of the lane are open. we'll take it bakken side and ride elsewhere -- woman take it back inside and update your ride elsewhere. you are going to find in virginia, 66 heavy and steady right now leaving manassas. we do have delays 50 to 123 and at the beltway, there is also the crash outbound 234 as you
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work your way out there. westbound, i-95 heavy and steady. a portion of c street is blocked off between washington avenue and third street in southwest solve the out the case after woman badly burned in an acid tax has taken a surprising turn. it turns out it was all a hoax. >> police say the woman doused her own face with acid. she had originally told police she was attacked by an african- american woman on august 30th but police say the acid appears to have been poured or rubbed, not splashed. and they couldn't seem to find the taxer that the woman described. they don't know why she may have done this to herself. >> she is extremely upset. she is very remorseful. in many ways, this is something that just got bigger than what she expected i can't she could be charged with filing a false police report. some disturbing news from
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the census bureau. one in seven americans live in poverty. we'll talk more about that coming up in the business beat. up next, we'll show what you google predicts will be on your child's wish list this year. we'll be back.
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google is predicting the nerf strike stampede dart blaster as the hot toy. and mattel's thing ama jig plus toys will also be a big hit. for many folks, it will be a frugal holiday again this year. there is more disturbing news from the census bureau. chris cotter joins us from fox
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business network which we talk about the poverty rate. disturbing news. >> this is according to the cents us bureau. there is some debate as to how -- whether it is actually underscored or overestimated in terms of the poverty. people below the poverty line. but you mentioned it just right below $22,000 for a family of four. but right now, one in seven americans are below that line. that is the highest number we've been since 1994 and it is very close to an all-time record which would be right around 15%. so we've grown since last year. i think we were at 13.2% last year t doesn't include things, noncash income such as food stamps. it doesn't include capital gains. it doesn't include accumulated wealth if you had your home paid off. it is hard to make sure it is apples to apples. but eeghtd are way you slice it, the number is bad and it is worse than it was last year and it doesn't appear to be getting any better.
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-- but either way you slice it. >> i saw a report saying lend ares repossessed more homes last month than since the housing crisis began. markets seem to be holding their own. >> over 90,000 homes repossessed in the month of august alone. and it is baked in. that is the express we use all the time on wall street. it is baked into the number. we understand that it is as bad as it appears to be. inthat is one reason why we are in the range. yesterday, we were up on the dow. down just a touch on the s&p 500. so we're continuing to fight against what we call resistance. we are bouncing against resistance. it is a stealing of the range. we can't seem to break above it. yesterday was a perfect example. very choppery day. we can't seem to break through it. we've got got decent job numbers yesterday. 450,000 people filing for initial weekly claims.
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they weren't great but a little bitter than expect giant food how bad were the storms yesterday in new york? >> you know what? i didn't even notice. i was in a bar. and then i walked out and i heard that we hay tornado. so yeah, they were pretty bad. >> you were in the right place. >> to get a storm like that in new york. >> for those who weren't drowning their sorrows, new york is cleaning up after the storm. here also look at some of the aftermath. this is new york city, some incredible home video captured as the system rolled on through. in d.c., we have our own situation happening this morning. sherrily is on top of that. >> reporter: city, police are swarming this area in southwest d.c. where a suspect is apparently shot by u.s. capitol police apparently. we'll have the latest for you coming up. 
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a double whammy in mexico. hurricane karl is slamming the mexican coast again. karl was a tropical storm when it left widespread flooding in the southern yucatan peninsula yesterday. this more than, it is a category flee and hitting the northern coast. the mexican government issued hurricane warnings for 186 miles of coastline. a deadly storm ripped through new york city. can you see the wall of wind and rain rolling across brooklyn in this youtube video. tornado warnings were issued there as well as in staten island and queens. two people were killed in the storm. this morning, residents are picking up the pieces. >> everybody's cars are damaged, their homes are damaged. when i looked outside, i said is it a hillary clinton, a tornado? i didn't know what it was. it was very frightening. >> she said she was inside with her kids when her metal gazebo came crashing down. scary time for folks in new york.
6:31 am
>> you saw the sheet of rain. >> and you saw the wind whipping around there. the national weather service officials will get out and examine the damage because there were several people saying it must have been a tornado. you've never seen no report of anyone seeing a tornado y so rare in a big urban location like that. >> yeah. things have quieted down in new york city this morning and things have quieted down here not that we had any storms. we had rain showers coming through. things are looking better as the rain has moved out and we have gradual clearing. you can seat rain has pushed out to sea. you do see we have some clouds in over us but a little butt of a break and then more clouds streaming through. so it will be a while before we get to the mostly sunny skies that we're expecting to see later on today. current temperatures around the region, 71 degrees in d.c. 66 at dulles airport. 71 in ocean city. 66 in baltimore. 67 in fredericksburg.
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here is your day planner for today. morning clouds. think we'll see partly to mostly sunny skies later today. high temperatures into the low to mid-80s today so warmer than normal but not as warm as it was yesterday. reagan national made it up to 91. the rest of the area wasth that is a look at the weather. coleing up in just a little bit, today's edition of ask the weather guys. we're going to talk about fall. >> we'll talk about traffic right now. julie wright has that. >> coming inbound on the toll road this morning, you will find that the lane are open as you continue in from 28 trying to get through reston an continue out towards the beltway. no problems to report along that stretch. route 7 before you reach the battlefield parkway, accident activity cleared there but on both sides of the beltway, the inner and outer loop, you will
6:33 am
find lanes are open. no problems reported again on the dulles toll road. 66, had the crash reported as you make your way past 28 in venterville. we'll take it back inside. the top stretch of the beltway, the outer loop is slowing from university boulevard headed around towards georgia avenue. all of the lanes here are open. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. back to our breaking news from capitol hill. there has been a shooting possibly involving u.s. capitol police. >> it happened about two hours ago. it is at second and c streets southwest near the department of health and human services building. fox 5's sherry ly is joining us live with the very latest. what have you learned? >> this is still a very active investigation out here. we do know that there has been a shooting. it appears to involve u.s. capitol police. right over here is the health and human services building and right behind it is where that shooting took place. here was we know right now. this happened right around
6:34 am
5:00. d.c. fire and etch ms to confirm -- and ems do confirm this was a shooting and oneperson was transported. it is unclear if the suspect was a man or a woman. there are reports that the suspect was down but was conscious and had been shot in the abdomen. they have brought in a hazardous materials response team. it is unclear what they are out here for. but we recently saw that arrive. they also had officers out here searching in some bushes and stuff around the rayburn building just across the street. the rayburn building, of course of course houses several member. the house.
6:35 am
it is still a very active investigation. we are still awaiting someone from u.s. capitol police to come here and provide us with more information an as we get it, we will bring it to you. that is the late here in southwest. back to you. >> thank you. just to update the situation, what we one of the found out as sherry was talking from capitol police, they are look nothing a man. a bulletin had been issued to capitol police to be on the lockout if i man who had a weapon and apparently he pointed that weapon at capitol police at some point and that is what led to the shooting. our other big story we are following, the brother of a man who shot and wounded a doctor at johns hopkins hospital then shot and killed his mother in her bed before turning the gun on himself says his brother probably thought their mom was suffering. police found 50-year-old paul warren pardus and his mother dead inside the hospital room after a two-hour stand whereof. both lived in arlington, virginia. pardus' brother said the mother had arthritis and rheumatism
6:36 am
and would likely lose her ability to walk. as orthopedic surgeon david cohen recovered from the shooting, hospital workers are still pretty shaken up as you can imagine. so are the gunman's neighbors in northern virginia. >> it is a terrible situation and him having a mother that was going through whatever she was going through and him too probably being the only one to tend to her. >> he had a good side and he loved his mother that. clearly showed through. whatever made him do this, we'll never know. may they both rest in peace. >> police had originally identified pardus as warren davis but his brother says he changed his name. the relief well now finished in the gulf of mexico. bp connected the two wells last night more than below the sea floor. engineers will start pumping mud an cement through the relief well on sunday to finally seal it once and for all. today on capitol hill, we will be hearing from people affected
6:37 am
by the spill. louisiana fishermen and others will give their insights on the recovery operation. the redskins gearing up to battle the texans. straight head, dave ross joins us with your friday football forecast. a comedy that took its inspiration from the classic novel, the scarlet letter. kevin mccarthy joins us with more on that. we'll be right back of -- we'll be right back. s,rc
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we have the battle of the untea feeted heavy weight whose defeated the playoff team taal las cow business again the houston texans. i think it is the set-up for a nice game on sunday.
6:41 am
>> you got to like the underdog role. they have some weapons, this houston texan team. they have a guy, andre johnson being heard of him in. >> yes. >> you should have heard of him because he might be the very best wide receiver in all of the nfl. he is big. he is strong, he is physical. he make defensive backs have nightmares in their sleep. last week, realtively calm because that foster kid we talked about went nuts. ' a beast. he is an animal. he is not a guy can you cover with a little corner. you better get some help there. i think deangelo hall will be looking for safety help from laron landry to come over and get this kid. >> would thought the houston texans would be the fantasy football darlings? >> we have to talk about some other guys to the defensive side of the ball. they have a guy, mario williams. you know of him because way back when, he was the number
6:42 am
one pick in the entire nfl draft in front of vince young, in front of reggie bush and at times the former redskins gm made this pick. he got run out of town in houston for making this pick. this guy has turned out it be a stud. he stops the run there. this guy is not an easy match- up. get guess would gets that. trent williams. here what is he had to say a bout -- mario williams. >> just watching film. s, a great pass rusher, using his hands very well. >> how about your first few weeks? >> hello. welcome to the nfl. >> he did well against ware. i like trent williams. i like his attitude and the way he is playing on the field. >> this is the guy they needed
6:43 am
and if week one is any indication, what he did against demarcus ware. i said how would you assess your performance. >> you are never going to be i perfect 30 for 30 against demarcus ware but i think i held my season. absolutely. he didn't say yeah, i was great. he said i did the best i could. i think i did my best. he is going up against two of the best in the nfl. they said okay go ahead and go single coverage against demarcus ware and we'll see how you did. >> we'll talk about that next hour, how houston was able to beat indianapolis and how the redskins can stop them and we can talk about the most ridiculous story of the day, how the black-eyed peas were named to perform at half time at the super bowl. >> not rush though. they didn't get the call. >> you think the way they were going lately, they should have
6:44 am
been on the short list. >> well. >> there is always a back-up plan. >> they got black-eyed peas. >> skins game coming up this sunday. hopefully the weather should be pretty good for it. >> it will be great for it the game. sunday afternoon about 4:00, it should be sunny, mostly sunny and about 80, 81 degrees. not bad at all. let's look at what is happening with the current conditions being reported around the area. we are at 71 degrees here in the district. most of the area is in the 60s. 67 down in quantity you co. gaithersburg is at 63 degrees. cull ander, 63. win chft, # 5. off to the east, that is where you will find your 70s. 7 # in cambridge. 72 in stevensville. let's take a look at the satellite-radar for the region. -- winchester, 65. 72 in cambridge. here, just some rain showers that came through. nothing significant.
6:45 am
month significant amount of rain either. this morning, we are left with some clouds. we have more clouds now building in. we had a brief period where we had some clearing going on but now more clouds are building in to the region. eventually, we'll see plenty of sunshine for today. here is a look at the tropical map. we've got hurricane karl. this is karl. hurricane warnings in effect for the coast of mexico. you know, remember, it hit the yucatan peninsula already, moved back out over the gulf waters. it is a category three hurricane. hurricane warnings there. meanwhile, hurricane igor, a big storm. category three as well, maximum sustained winds, 125 miles per hour. this is now a hurricane watch in effect for bermuda so we continue to watch this. i should mention julia. there is julia, tiny little thing losing its intensity. here is your forecast for washington for today. not a bad day. we have morning clouds becoming mostly sunny and nice this
6:46 am
afternoon. 84degrees. sorry, tucker. what? tucker started talking to my during the weather cast. tomorrow and sunday are going to be fine days. lots of sunshine. highs will be in the low 80s. it will be great. monday, 79 degrees for your high. tuesday, still nice. 80degrees. looks like we'll be dry for the next several days. that make for a great opportunity to be outdoors an do stuff but we are down in terms of our rainfall amount. >> that little amount overnight probably didn't do much. >> no, it doesn't do much. speaking of rainfall, it is time to act weather guys, the most popular segment in local television. tucker barnes and i put our big heading to to answer your most pressing questions, weather- related or otherwise. today's question is from gina in manassas. we have edited this question. most of what she wrote was praise for our show. i'm serious an how much she
6:47 am
enjoys it. we took the high road. >> typically, you edit it by adding thing like that. >> here is her question. i was wondering what effect it the dry summer would have on our fall colors. >> it's good question and it is likely to have an effect on our fall colors. this is complicated. basically, if we have a relatively dry summer which we've had and we don't have enough rain, that tends to mute the colors a little bit and delay the onset of the colors. >> not as pretty. >> not as vibrant. >> that is correct. the main thing that affects when the leaves fall every year is the calendar. it is the length of the night. as the nights lengthen and they get cooler and cooler, that is what signals the trees to start dropping those leaves. so in term of the colors,
6:48 am
rainfall and other things impact it as well but rainfall does impact it. that is the simple version. >> i just wand to add one thing that could save the fall colors, cool nights inform we get a nice streak of long, cool nights, that really helps the sugars in the leaves as they start to change and will impact the color we see over the next couple of weeks. there is not a lot of rain in sight. not going to provide enough soil moisture over the next couple of weeks to save the fall foliage this fall. >> here is what you want for the absolute best autumn colors, a warm, wet spring a summer that is not too hot or dry and a fall with plenty of warm, sunny days and cool nights as tucker said. that gives you optimum conditions for the leaves. we have a lot of information here. it is very interesting. >> you guys are great at what do you. >> very good. >> i've already seen some leaves that are fallen. this is pretty normal or is
6:49 am
that ahead of schedule that we see them already? >> sure. all the trees -- it depends on the type of tree. for example, some trees, the leaves don't turn red. they only turn yellow and orange. this is something that i learned. the trees, when you see the leaves that turn yellow and orange, guess what? shows leaves are always yellow and orange. it is just aduring the summer, the chlorophyll in the green covers that color. as the night become longer and cooler, that florida -- chlorophyll dissipates and restrcts and you are able to see the orange and yellow colors. >> cool! >> it is just amazing what we learn. >> it is wonderful. ! >> all right. if you have a question you want answered, go to we are back to doing our own research. >> julie, you want to throw some more praise on had heap.
6:50 am
>> what can i say. there are hardly words. >> now, that is rather striking for you. >> well, it is because lauren is tending me to keep it tight. on the roads right now, you will fine lanes are open if you are traveling the top stretch of the beltway leaving university boulevard headed around towards georgia avenue. no incidents to reported coming eastbound on 66, we've got volume delays leaving manassas. slow traffic in centreville with the wreck on 28 at the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. >> thank you. ben affleck's much anticipated crime drama open this is weekend and also new at the box office ache comedy that took its inspiration from the scarlet letter. joining us now is kevin mccarthy. >> how are you? >> great. how are you? >> great to be here. >> i'm hoping you were a big fan of this movie with ben
6:51 am
affleck. >> i'm a huge fan of him as a director. >> this movies focuses on four bank robbers. they rob a bank in the beginning of the film and take the bank manager hostage. it turns out ben affleck is falling for this girl. she has no idea they are the bank robbers. it is a great dynamic with the chemistry between the two caches as well as john hamm who plays an fbi agent from mad men and is after the crew to try to take them down. it's great film.
6:52 am
very strong. this is this as solid heist movie and it did a really good job. my biggest complaint is they did not flesh out the relationship between rebecca hall and ben affleck. that is at the center piece of the movie. i didn't believe any decisions she made for the relationship. john hamm, he overacted a bit. the bank robbery take place at fenway park. i give it a if you are out of five. it is not the best movie that it should have been but it is still very good. >> emma stone, you know her from super bad. she plays a 17-year-old high school student. a rumor gets spread around school that she lost her virginity to a college kid. guys start going to her saying can we fact a relationship so i can be as popular as you are
6:53 am
and it back fires on her. it is so well written, so funny. imagine mean girls meets charlie bartlett. that was a fantastic movie. emma stone is so charismatic. this is one of my favorite movies of 2010. easy a. check it out in theaters this weekend. >> the last one, i'm still here. >> this is interesting that i'm sitting here reviewing this movie right now. last week i would have said to the audience for example this was fake, he deserves an academy award for the rest of his life. it is an unbelievable performance. if it is real, it is a tragic story of a genius losing his mind. yesterday, casey affleck admits this is a hoax. i have casey on my show tonight. joaquin has been keeping one this bit for two years now.
6:54 am
he quit acting to become a rapper. that is what this is about. it is shocking. it is crude. it is one of the most shocking movies i've seen. do not take your kids. i had to look away in certain scenes. there are drugs. effect you can possibly ever imagine in this movie. it is a fantastic movie. it is very rivetting. casey affleck is on my show tonight to discuss the hoax. >> we'll be listening. that should be fascinating. >> by the way, listeners and the viewers, i went to an scrif exclusive screening last night of the devil. this not screen to the critics. it is about five strangers that enter an escalator. one of them is the devil. nobody knows would it is. not bad. >> very generous with his
6:55 am
mmer coming to a close. today is our last jiffy lube live giveaway with rush. to enter, go to our web site at go to the entertainment page and enter before 10:00 this morning. all the contest rules are on online as well. we're back at 7:00. ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks]
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america needs clean energy, and america needs jobs. wind power can deliver on both - but only if the senate encourages investment by passing a strong renewable electricity standard. with a strong res, we can keep 85,000 wind power workers on the job,
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and create hundreds of thousands of new jobs, too. jobs that america could really use right now. for american jobs, tell your senators to pass a renewable electricity standard today. good morning. i'm holly morris. there are some big games going on this weekend. i'm not talking about maryland- west virginia or the skins- texans. i'm talking about the northern virginia senior olympic games. 25 different events, 15 different venues and we are live with a preview at the thomas jefferson community center in early aing ton where you can see some of my senior athletes already warming up. we will get a preview. got to keep practicing. we'll talk about events like yo- yo tricks, table tennis and a
6:59 am
whole lot more. and most importantly, about why they have these games and how it is keeping northern virginia seniors so young. >> give them a break, holly. they are a little nervous. >> you have to perform if you want the gold. >> you're right. let them know that. thank you. that is it for the 6:00 hour. let's send it to allison joining steve. coming up, breaking news from capitol hill. u.s. capitol police shoot a person. officers say they feared for their lives. this all went down near the health and human services building near second and c streets southwest. we'll bring you the latest in just moments. moments of terror inside one of the world's most prestigious hospitals. we are learning more about the man who shot a doctor before killing his mother and himself at johns hopkins in


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